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Point Blank Hunting

The history of how Point Blank Hunting was created is an interesting story. It starts in Pompano Beach, Florida, where the headquarters for the world's leading provider of body armor, tactical accessories and other ballistic protection systems is located.

Point Blank Enterprises, Inc. is a company of hard-working folks dedicated to saving lives, and for over 40 years has shipped millions of body armor solutions to America’s service men and women, law enforcement professionals, corrections officers, Federal agents, and other key national and international customers.

While its tactical accessories have already been enjoyed by military and law enforcement for years, it was the recent introduction of the Weapon Carry System that unearthed the potential for Point Blank Enterprises to meet the needs of the hunting community. Thus Point Blank Hunting was formed.

All of the systems needed for a world-class production of hunting products were already in place. Research/development teams, designers, manufacturing and distribution instinctively connected with hunters as its new customer base. Product managers and the marketing department maneuvered efforts to focus on hunters' needs and created the company's first eCommerce site

The reviews have come in and people are praising the ingenuity and quality of the products being offered. And Point Blank Hunting is listening to its customers to steer development of new products that will enhance hunting experiences. Its commitment to weapon safety and utility for a variety of outdoor endeavors will continue to drive innovation and expansion.

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