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Shoulder Straps

  • $ 15.95

NOTE: If your Point Blank Body Armor concealable vest is less than two years old then it is still under warranty for the outer carrier and we will replace the straps at no charge if they meet the requirements under the warranty program such as damage or malfunction.

Need replacement shoulder straps for your concealable vest? These 2"x7" breathable Neoprene™ shoulder straps directly connect to the front and back ballistic panels, ensuring firm placement inside the carrier. By keeping the ballistics completely suspended, this highly effective strapping system helps maintain the original shape and coverage of the ballistic panels.

Package includes a set of two straps.

If you order an item that is in stock then it will ship within 8 to 10 business days. If an item is out of stock then we will notify you about the delay and give our best estimate on shipping, usually within 15 days.

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