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JTC Claw

  • $ 180.00

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The JTC CLAW is highly effective in breaching Class III doors as found in schools and offices. Sledge unlike standard halligan enables you to dig, chop, rake or break. Remove a windshield, puncture vehicle tires and break pad locks or hasps.

  • Handle constructed of 100% non-conductive material
  • Claw will stand in the upright position when placed on the ground
  • Total weight of 10 lbs.
  • Sizes offered in 24”, 30 and 48”
  • Will out pry the standard haligan due to the added prying surface
  • Three times the strike surface of a standard haligan for setting a pry
  • Very effective when used as a ram
  • Weighs less than a standard haligan tool
  • Non-slip protected grips attached to the JTC Claw handles
  • Available in Tactical Black or Safety Yellow